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Wolverhampton Lions Club Litter Pick Challenge

Wolverhampton Lions Club working with WASUP is asking people to help keep their local community areas tidy and free from litter and to do this Wolverhampton Lions are asking for communities to get involved with litter picks.

Wolverhampton Lions Club have set up a challenge to collect 2,022 bags of litter.

Why 2,022, the challenge is to collect 2,022 bags of litter by the start of the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham 2022.

We are asking individuals, local community groups, schools and other organisation to complete a litter pick, tell us how many bags of litter they have collected, take a picture of the bags collected, the group of litter pickers can be included in the photo if they wish. we may share the pictures on social media to promote the challenge

Send the pictures to Wolverhampton Lions Club at -

Thank you for supporting Wolverhampton Lions Club in helping to keep our community areas tidy and taking part in our community litter pick challenge.