Wolverhampton Lions Club Citizen of the Year Award




This Year the award goes to a person who has been a passionate 

volunteer worker for over 30 years 

 Supriya Laroiya is a passionate volunteer who has dedicated more than 30 years to helping the community.

 Supriya runs the Asian women's group Mel Joul at the All Saints Church every Wednesday, she has also raised thousands of pounds for various charities       including Compton Care, New Cross Hospital Children's Ward and flood victims in Bangladesh 

 Over the last 30 years Supriya has helped a number of women isolated in their own homes, some suffering with depression, others victims of domestic violence and abuse, she has  also supported the group by providing one to one counselling as well as organising day trips, knitting classes, yoga and meditation exercises, walking for health events and festival celebrations.

Supriya received her Citizen of the Year Award at the clubs annual charter night celebration dinner which was attended by the Deputy Mayor and Deputy Consort of Wolverhampton who presented Supriya with a bottle of personalised sparkling wine from Halfpenny Green Vineyards in Bobbington and a cheque for 150 for her chosen charity which was Compton Care, Supriya also added a personal donation to Compton Care

Supriya's name will also be added to the Lions Club Roll of Honour Shield which shows the names of all the previous winners of the award  

Wolverhampton Lions Club was Proud & Privileged

To Name & Honour

Supriya Laroiya as Citizen of the Year 2018

The Wolverhampton Lions Club Citizen of the Year Award was first presented by the club in 1977, and has been presented every year since to a person nominated by the members of public. The award is a way of acknowledging a persons good work and the help they have given to their community, neighbourhood or friends, the award has also been presented to local people for doing work above and beyond their duties at work.

Over the years all the past worthy winners of this award have represented the many and varied charities, groups, organisations, schools and neighbourhoods they have helped or gave assistance to, other winners of the award have fund-raised in all so many different ways for their local organisations.

In the past the winners of this award have given their time to help their local community, their neighbourhood, a local charity, group or organisation, some have given their free time, help, encouragement and assistance in running an out of hours school group or a local youth group or youth project. 

The Wolverhampton Lions Club Citizen of the Year Award allows members of the public to recognise and to acknowledge the work that these unsung heroes do and to say thank you to them. The winner of the award receives a cheque for 150 for the charity, group or organisation of their choice, a Personalised Award Plaque and their names will be added to the roll of honour on the clubs Citizen of the Year Award plaque that shows all the previous winners of the award.

The winner of the Wolverhampton Lions Club Citizen of the Year Award plus one guest will be invited as guests of the club to the Wolverhampton Lions Club annual Charter Night Dinner where they will be presented with the award and the cheque for their chosen charity, other guests will also be able to attend the evening to support the winner of this prestigious award.



We are looking for people to be nominated for this award, if any member of the public knows of a person who works tirelessly and gives their time to improve the lives of others, who gives help and assistance to a charity, group, organisation, school or neighbourhood, or a person who gives their time, help and assistance to those less able and less fortunate, someone who has done a special or extraordinary fund-raising event for a local charity or group, someone who cares for or serves their local community but has done so without looking for thanks or recognition, then this is your chance to say thank you to that person by nominating them for the Wolverhampton Lions Club Citizen of the Year Award.

The nominated person must work or raise funds for local charities, groups or communities in the Wolverhampton area or South Staffordshire area's of Wombourne, Coven, Brewood, Codsall, Perton, Swindon, Lower Penn, Seisdon, Trysull or Featherston.

The nominated person should be over the age of 18 at the time of nomination, Please send details of the person you wish to nominate, tell us what they have done or the work that they do and why they have been nominated for this award, please also add your name, address and a contact phone number and if possible a contact address and phone number for the person you are nominating plus any letters of support

The award will be presented at the Clubs Charter Dinner which is held in October, the winner of the award plus one guest will be invited to attend the evening as guests of the club to receive the award, other friends and family may also attend the evening if they wish, however there will be a small charge to attend the evening, full details will be given to the winner of the Award, Wolverhampton Lions Club will look at all nominations received and it will be the club who decides who is the winner of the Citizen of the Year Award 

The closing date for the 2019 nominations will be 

Monday 23rd September 2019

This date is subject to change at the discretion of Wolverhampton Lions Club

Send your nominations to



if you require further information about the award 

You can also contact the club by calling 0845 833 5925